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Adobe Flash 10 Installer launches Finder as root

by November 7, 2008 » Add more comments.

Several web sites have begun requiring Flash 10 to play their content. This is partially because the PC version of Flash 9 had some security problems that I won’t get into here. The good news: Adobe provides their Mac version as a package installer. The bad news:


LANDesk – Adding Apple Warranty Data to Inventory

by November 3, 2008 » Add more comments.

A bash script that will do an online lookup of the Mac’s serial # to determine its’ warranty status, then add that data to custom data for LANDesk.


EndNote finally updated for Office 2008

by June 27, 2008 » Add the first comment.

Thomson has finally come out with an update to EndNote X1 CWYW which works with Office 2008. And kudos to them for releasing it as a package installer! Get it here.


PowerPoint Crashing in Slide Mode

by December 20, 2007 » Add more comments.

A few months ago, someone posted comments on my “OS Images vs. The Santa Rosa MacBook Pro 2.2/2.4Ghz” article stating that PowerPoint would crash in slide mode on non-Santa Rosa machines when using an image that was created or updated on a SR machine. At the time, I was unable to reproduce it but now […]


OS X as a workstation for UNIX admins

by November 25, 2007 » Add the first comment.

Here is an interesting article from a Unix SysAdmin explaining why he prefers to use a Mac for his day to day admining.


Apple Certification Changes for Leopard

by November 24, 2007 » Add the second comment.

Apple has recently updated its training site showing some Leopard updtes. The ACSA (Apple Certified System Administrator) gets the biggest change. The ACSA is the big daddy of Apple certifications. But if employers are to understand what an applicant has accomplished by attaining the certification, then the test objectives should not change whenever a new […]


Leopard – Keeping the Guest Account Disabled

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Much has been said about the new Guest account in Leopard, and how it’s not as simple and secure as Apple makes it sound. The Lame LeopardTuttle SVC I think this is a good feature for what Apple probably intended, at home for friends and family members to “borrow” your Mac. But in a higher […]


Microsoft Office 2008 to use Apple Package installer

by September 15, 2007 » Add more comments.

Oh Happy Day! Dustan Gourlie from the MacBU has posted a blog entry on their Office 2008 Enterprise Series page explaining deployment options for the forthcoming Office 2008. It will be distributed with as a package installer and will no longer have a drag and drop option (clarified in the comments). They also said (in […]


NetRestore – Specifying Packages to install using PHP Services

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NetRestore PHP Services helps automate machine deployments by automating several tasks such as machine naming, network configuration and specifying which image is used for groups of machines and several other preferences. It can also be customized to add funtionality for tasks that are not already built in. This post will explain how to specify which […]


Bind to AD using Apple Remote Desktop

by September 2, 2007 » Add more comments.

Need to bind a handful of Macs to Active Directory remotely? There are a couple scripts online already, including one from MacEnterprise and from Bombich. But I’ve never been able to get those to work when using with ARD. Either the AD plugin wasn’t activated or AD wasn’t added to the authentication path, etc. There’s […]