NetRestore End of Life

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Mike Bombich has offically stopped development on NetRestore.

Read the story here.

I’m very sad to see it go, though not surprised. NR has been open source for years, but no one ever contributed besides Mike and it was in need of a rewrite. Now that it is EOL, several people on the Mac Enterprise list are talking about a rewrite project. I know Mike wont say it, so I’ll say it for him…

WTF! Why did you wait all these years to start contributing!

It’s not like he just now made it open source. I’ve heard several times about others that have rewritten NR or NetRestore PHPServices to better fit their enviornment, but never shared with the community or with Mike. And to those I am flipping you the bird.

Thanks for the great tool Mike! It will be greatly missed.

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6 Responses to NetRestore End of Life

  • jan says:

    I think because the software was already doing what it was supposed to do people didn’t feel the need so much need to contribute.
    Netrestore rules, I’ve been using it for years, I wouldn’t be able to do my job without it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Me too. Now I’ve got Deploy Studio on a spare server at work. Jusgt have to figure out how th use it as the documentation is not current at all.

  • Patrick Gallagher says:

    Deploy Studio isn’t all that difficult to figure out if you know the netboot side of things. Hang around at their forums and post a question for any problems you come up with.

  • TheCrunge says:

    I made EXTENSIVE changes to NR, and often sent my changes to Mike. I asked many times if I could submit branch versions, and he never moved forward with it. He gave me very positive feedback about my enhancements, and really liked my ideas, but it seemed he wanted to do it himself. I tried many times to contribute, and it was Mike who dragged his feet. I agree that many people contributed many great things on the forums, and to Mike directly, but he was VERY selective about whose code was used and who was credited. It was a great project while it lasted, but it’s time to move on.

  • UrbanMacUser says:

    Netrestore was great under Tiger, but sucked under Leopard.
    The more Leopard patches came out, the more Netrestore broke.
    Eventually it got down to where I couldn’t even get it to
    do nothing but 1-to-1 under Leopard.

    I wish he would have cut a deal with Apple for them to take it on
    and mesh it with Apple SIU under Leopard.
    But such is life!

  • Patrick says:

    If Apple wanted it, they probably could have taken it. Bombich works for Apple which is why he can’t charge for his software. That’s how BootPicker became an Apple product.

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