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NetRestore – Specifying Packages to install using PHP Services

by September 15, 2007 » Add the first comment.

NetRestore PHP Services helps automate machine deployments by automating several tasks such as machine naming, network configuration and specifying which image is used for groups of machines and several other preferences. It can also be customized to add funtionality for tasks that are not already built in. This post will explain how to specify which […]


Bind to AD using Apple Remote Desktop

by September 2, 2007 » Add more comments.

Need to bind a handful of Macs to Active Directory remotely? There are a couple scripts online already, including one from MacEnterprise and from Bombich. But I’ve never been able to get those to work when using with ARD. Either the AD plugin wasn’t activated or AD wasn’t added to the authentication path, etc. There’s […]


Launchd Video – From the creator of launchd

by August 25, 2007 » Add the first comment.

One of the most misunderstood items in Tiger is launchd which basically replaces inetd, xinetd, cron and at. It’s enough to drive a Unix admin mad. This video is a presentation of launchd by its creator at Apple and he talks about the changes coming in Leopard.


Apple adds RAID card option for Xserves and Mac Pro

by August 8, 2007

It looks like Apple has silently added a hardware RAID option for the Xserve and Mac Pro. They are not the same card but share the same price, $999 ($899 education). The card for the Xserve replaces the built-in SATA/SAS controller so it does not use a PCI Express slot. The Mac Pro card uses […]


Convert Local Account’s Home to AD account with Local Home

by July 31, 2007 » Add more comments.

Here is a script that I use to convert a local home folder to be used by an Active Directory account. This script will rename the home folder first, then delete the local user account from NetInfo and rename the home folder back and change the permissions so the AD account can use the home […]


Bind to Active Directory Applescript

by July 28, 2007 » Add more comments.

There are several methods out there to automate binding to Active Directory including over Apple Remote Desktop, after a machine has been imaged using a login hook and a number of other methods. We are just starting to move our Macs to AD. Most of the machines are already imaged and will need to be […]


Mac Software Packaging Utilities List

by July 14, 2007 » Add more comments.

As Mac OS X admins, it is important to know why and how to package up software. Packaging is a generally simple process that will make software deployment easier. ARD (Apple Remote Desktop) and LANDesk require software be in be in the .pkg format so it uses the Apple Installer.app (or command line version). This […]


Mac OS X 10.4.10 Unnessesarily replaces sshd_config

by July 10, 2007 » Add more comments.

It looks like Apple did a very unpleasant modification in the 10.4.10 update. They outright replaced the /etc/sshd_config for a tiny bit of “tidying up” of the GSSAPI section. Before 10.4.10: # GSSAPI options#GSSAPIStrictAcceptorCheck yes#GSSAPIKeyExchange yes # GSSAPI options#GSSAPIAuthentication yes#GSSAPICleanupCredentials yes After 10.4.10: # GSSAPI options#GSSAPIAuthentication yes#GSSAPICleanupCredentials yes#GSSAPIStrictAcceptorCheck yes#GSSAPIKeyExchange yes Now was it really necessary […]


OS Images vs. The Santa Rosa MacBook Pro 2.2/2.4Ghz

by July 5, 2007 » Add more comments.

Back on June 5, Apple updated the MacBook Pro to include faster cpu’s, LED-backlit display and a video card upgrade. This MBP came with a newer build of 10.4.9 so of course, our image had to be updated. But by the time these actually started shipping to us, 10.4.10 became available. So I updated our […]


How to add an AD user as a local admin

by July 3, 2007 » Add more comments.

We all know the obvious way to allow a given group(s) to be an admin of a Mac bound to Active Directory (see image below). Although the “Allow administration by group” setting in Directory Access allows users in that group to installsoftware and perform certain other admin functions, there is a bug (or feature?) in […]