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Adobe Acrobat X Provisioning Tool Released for Mac

by December 20, 2010 » Add the first comment.

Adobe has released their Adobe Provisioning Tool for enterprise deployments and configurations of Acrobat X for Mac, as well as the Customization Wizard for Windows.


Disabling Automatic Updates for Office 2008, Apple Software Updates and Adobe CS4

by January 26, 2009 » Add the first comment.

Over at the Make Mac Work blog, Ellis has a very informative article about how to disable automatic update notifications for Apple Software Update, Microsoft Office 2008 and Adobe CS4.


New Pages ’09 now supports Endnote

by January 6, 2009 » Add the first comment.

Today at MacWorld, Apple announced iWork ’09 and MacResearch just reported that the new Pages now supports Endnote and MathType citations. I know I have quite a few faculty that will be very glad to hear this. Especially the ones that absolutely refuse to use Microsoft Office.


Browser Market Shifting to Open Source?

by January 4, 2009 » Add the first comment.

News is spreading about the NetApplications report showing IE has dropped below 70% market share with Firefox taking just over 20% and Safari at over 7%. I must not have been paying attention because I was assuming IE still had 80-85%. Looks like we’re well on our way to having Open Source dominate browser usage


Adobe Flash 10 Installer launches Finder as root

by November 7, 2008 » Add more comments.

Several web sites have begun requiring Flash 10 to play their content. This is partially because the PC version of Flash 9 had some security problems that I won’t get into here. The good news: Adobe provides their Mac version as a package installer. The bad news:


EndNote finally updated for Office 2008

by June 27, 2008 » Add the first comment.

Thomson has finally come out with an update to EndNote X1 CWYW which works with Office 2008. And kudos to them for releasing it as a package installer! Get it here.


PowerPoint Crashing in Slide Mode

by December 20, 2007 » Add more comments.

A few months ago, someone posted comments on my “OS Images vs. The Santa Rosa MacBook Pro 2.2/2.4Ghz” article stating that PowerPoint would crash in slide mode on non-Santa Rosa machines when using an image that was created or updated on a SR machine. At the time, I was unable to reproduce it but now […]


Microsoft Office 2008 to use Apple Package installer

by September 15, 2007 » Add more comments.

Oh Happy Day! Dustan Gourlie from the MacBU has posted a blog entry on their Office 2008 Enterprise Series page explaining deployment options for the forthcoming Office 2008. It will be distributed with as a package installer and will no longer have a drag and drop option (clarified in the comments). They also said (in […]